Stream 1: Path to purchase

Feb 27, 2018



Path to purchase – Embedding a customer centric path to purchase

11:40 Optimising check out conversion to meet shifting expectation

How delivery expectancy is influencing conversion: Speed, scheduled and product stock guarantee
Innovating delivery opportunities to remain relevant
Successfully increasing conversion on the path to purchase


Wayne Baskin
Deputy CEO



12:10 Establishing authentic customer service in an evolving retail landscape – when your team will matter most

What role does “human contact” play in the evolving digital landscape
Delivering an “emotional” connection throughout the on-line to delivery experience
Examining how the fulfilment process will be faster, more automated and easier to access, but the standout brands will deliver these through their team experience


Vlad Yakubson
Head of Retail

12:40 Developing ground breaking on line initiatives for future relevance

A conversation with Ben Hare: Exploring the future pathway for pioneering online initiatives
How to prepare for future digital strategy in a fast changing environment


Ben Hare
Chief Operating Officer


1:15 Networking luncheon




2:00 The new priorities of the customer centric company

Why making your customers happy is your number #1 priority
How the job has only just begun once the product is delivered
How customer retention is the ugly ducking and needs more love


Trent Allan
Head of Home Clearance
Winning Group



2:30 Disrupting the path to purchase for survival

Driving next level disruption on the path to purchase
International considerations for ecommerce success
Overcoming challenges to meet GEN C expectation


Gary Elphick
Disrupt Sports



3:00 Roundtable Discussion

Investigating next level path to purchase conversion strategies

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