Stream 4: Retail Tech Disruption

Feb 27, 2018



Retail Tech Disruption: Drivers in a new era of CX technology

11:40 Revealing the new realm of AI and machine learning to revolutionize the customer experience

Machine Learning and AI offer new opportunities and challenges for the Australian Retail Industry.
How can we use machine learning to assess and predict future profitability in every interaction with a consumer?
How can retailers prepare for online and global competitors’ impact on the market, and more importantly the increased consumer expectations and changes in consumer behaviour that brings?

Renee Gamble
Industry Leader, Retail Technology, Google


12:10 Exploring the emerging new realm of fulfilment technology : A conversation with Nathan Huppatz, Co-founder at,

Revolutionising the next phase of fulfillment technology – The path to the future
Pursuing deeper levels of customer centricity through technology
Identifying the key drivers for next level technology disruption

Nathan Huppatz


12:40 Free Shipping disruption! How your low-price logistics provider is ruining your brand

Your courier is often the only face your clients see
Assessing the services are they providing
Determining the levels of visibility are they are offering
The impact of your logistics provider on your brand?

Vince Fletcher
Carton Cloud


1:15 Networking luncheon





2:00 Exploring the evolution of augmented and virtual reality in a connected world

Determining how AR and VR technology is gaining influence in impacting both ecommerce and in-store customer experiences
Establishing how consumer uptake is growing, and the evolution of AR and VR’s role in future advantage
Aligning with new technology partners to exceed in future CX

Michael Donarth
Country Manager


2:30 Panel Discussion: A new role for retail: Retailer: tech company or both?

  • Transitioning into a retail technology organisation to lead
  • Exploring insights from the digital natives – How to spot opportunities in disruption
  • Examining how a disruptive approach differs from traditional retail?
  • Shared lessons on fast growth, tech platforms, and becoming technically agile

Nathan Huppatz

Michael Donarth
Country Manager

Renee Gamble
Industry Leader
Retail Technology, Google

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