Localz will Introduce Iconomy Fulfilment for Retail

Localz confirmed that they will be talking at next week’s Retail Fulfilment Summit about the impact of the ‘On Demand Economy’. Trending across all areas of retail, this is interpreted by most as instant, next hour or, at worst, same day fulfilment of an order. But what we have found through our research, working closely with our clients and their customers, is that the actual customer expectation is paradoxically both easier to fulfil and more demanding. It is:


What I want, where I want and when I want it

Customers are demanding that they define the delivery time to a precise ETA window, but that doesn’t necessarily mean right now. It might be 4pm tomorrow after school pick up, 8am on Monday before work or 10am on Saturday.
We call this new economic reality of heightened consumer expectation the Individual Economy – or Iconomy for short.


Iconomy is driven by consumer demands

With the individual consumer driving the growth of Iconomy, companies will need to change to meet growing demand with new delivery models, like crowd-shipping, on-demand delivery services, evening and weekend delivery. Businesses who are seeking to thrive (not just survive) are investing in last mile solutions that increase consumer choice and transparency, whilst helping to shorten delivery times and lower delivery costs.


Iconomy Fulfilment

Companies in retail are being forced to adapt to the demands imposed on them by their customers, and the pressure from their competitors to meet these demands, in this category of Iconomy Fulfilment.

Localz is the leading provider of software services that help enterprises in the retail, logistics and field services sectors rapidly transform their businesses to thrive, not just survive in the Iconomy. https://localz.com/introducing-iconomy-fulfilment/

Tim’s vision for Localz technology is that it can help deliver happiness through fulfilling customer fulfilment expectations first time. Localz technology enables companies to provide their products where customers want them and when they want them.


About Localz:

Localz provides solutions that transform the last mile of the customer journey in retail. Solutions that enable businesses to thrive in the on-demand economy we live in. Using location and customer data to help businesses to improve the last mile of the delivery or collection journey, rapidly reacting to changes in stock availability, consumer demand and making fulfillment management more transparent. Localz is working with Woolworths, DPD and British Gas.

The Localz team will be found on stand 27.


For more information go to: www.localz.com

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